Since 1956, we have been specialists in creating, designing and manufacturing long-lasting, high quality products. Our designs are new and evolving and aim to satisfy the clients every need.
Fraba letter boxes are produced using a component system. This allows our clients to choose a product which most suits their needs, without being restricted by number, size and dimension of either the individual compartments or of the complete unit.
Our experience and enthusiasm allows us to design mail boxes and notice boards utilising prized materials and finishing. All Fraba letter boxes , albeit with a vertical or a horizontal opening, are able to house an entire ‘UNI A4’ format magazine. Our products are made with the finest quality materials and we take particular care and attention to the finishing of our products. All of our products undergo stringent quality control checks prior to leaving our production department.
Fraba’s experience is based on constant and on-going communication with our clients.
We listen carefully to your suggestions and attempt to satisfy all requirements established by our clients. All suggestions are welcomed, especially in cases of made to order products. This is a characteristic of our work ethic; all of our products are individually crafted using techniques from the past. We provide a complete service and believe this to be the foundation of long-lasting service. Our service extends from production to retail to after-sales service, including replacement parts.